Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE’s)

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study — the Largest Public Health Study You Never Heard Of. Jane Ellen Stevens Founder,

ACE’s Too High News

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ACE Study

ACE’s Connection Network

The anna institute (formerly the anna foundation)

Bullied as a teen, depressed as an adult?

Child Abuse/Spanking/Corporal Punishment

Hitting in Childhood Tied to Adult Obesity and Heart Disease

Spanking children slows cognitive development and increases risk of criminal behavior, expert says.

Studies show spanking is harmful and it is time for the US to ban it

Hands are for Holding/Stop Spanking

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Thou Shalt Not Abuse: Reconsidering Spanking

Research refutes anti-spanking arguments

Refuting Pearl’s Analysis of Spanking Studies

Maltreated children show same pattern of brain activity as combat soldiers

Specific changes in brain structure after different forms of child abuse

Domestic Violence

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Network To End Domestic Violence


Laura K. Kerr PhD

As the Twig Is Bent

Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma

Trauma Information Pages

Center for Post-Trauma Wellness

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Janina Fisher PhD

Proposal to Include A Developmental Trauma Disorder Diagnosis for Children and Adolescents in DSM-V